, the online shopping subsidiary of the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba, has formally launched its Taobao Partner plan, which has attracted over 20 partners.

According to, this Taobao Partner plan will gather e-commerce outsourcing suppliers from various sectors to provide Taobao's vendors with customized products and services in all links of e-commerce, including information technology, channels, service, and logistics.

The company said it will make a series of customized support plans for its partners and will implement a more extensive cooperation with service providers in technology, marketing, and sales.

Yu Ce, general manager for Taobao's vendor platform business, told local media that, at present, cooperation between Taobao and its partners are in three sectors. In the technology sector, Taobao will integrate its trading experiences into the products or services provided by its partners to its vendors; in the marketing sector, Taobao and its partners will jointly expand market reach by launching a new channel and nationwide joint exhibitions; in the sales sector, Taobao and its partners will work together to provide overall solutions to Taobao's vendors to meet their demands for the development of e-commerce businesses in China.


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