Following the intensive placement of outdoor and TV advertisements for the iPhone, China Unicom has recently launched a nationwide iPhone roadshow, aiming to promote the sales of this smartphone in China.

This nationwide roadshow will reportedly be divided into several stages. It will be held in nearly all municipalities and provincial capitals, with exceptions to those in Tibet and Xinjiang, and it will initially cover 46 Chinese cities.

China Unicom said, as the best-selling smartphone in the world, iPhone has many special functions. However, most mobile phone users only hear about it without understanding of its detailed advantages or how to use it. Therefore, this roadshow aims to provide users with a direct access to iPhone.

During the roadshow, China Unicom will give an overall introduction of the iPhone to users. Customer service staff will explain the functions and features of iPhone on the spot and no less than six trainings about iPhone will be available each day in each city. The iPhone sold in China differs from those sold elsewhere around the world in one major area: the Chinese Apple iPhone lacks the useful Wi-Fi service.

At the same time, users can gain a real iPhone experience during the activity. To meet the experience demands of different users, China Unicom will install 102 applications out of the thousands of products in its application store and these 102 applications will cover 21 categories, including entertainment, business, finance, fashion, travel, education, and books.


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