CDC Software has announced plans to acquire up to a 51% stake in Vitova, a Hong Kong-based enterprise content management service provider.

As a part of this transaction, CDC Software will gain the priority to acquire Unis Vitova, Vitova's Beijing-based affiliate and a provider of records archive management software.

On the completion of this acquisition, Vitova will be included in CDC Software's senior partner project. Starting from 2006, this project has helped CDC Software establish strategic partnerships in various regions. The focus of this project is the emerging market and CDC Software currently has several other senior partners in India, China, South America, Spain, and Mexico.

By acquiring Vitova, CDC Software will expand its market and promote its sales. At the same time, it will resell Vitova's solutions under the brand CDC DMS. In addition, Vitova intends to integrate its DMS software to CDC Software's Ross ERP, CDC Supply Chain, Pivotal CRM, and CDC Platinum HRM solutions.

Based in Hong Kong, Vitova is an independent software vendor in the enterprise content management domain. Its software helps to reduce the time needed for searching information while increasing the relevance of the information found. In 2006, Vitova acquired a Beijing-based ISV, Unis TH-AMS Department, which then was renamed as Unis Vitova.


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