Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp has announced that it will launch a mobile phone product with a solar panel in China in early February 2010.

This is reportedly the first time for Sharp to use the solar thin-film batteries in mobile phones.

Sharp has manufactured 2.5GW solar batteries since 2008 and the company has been improving the output and commercialization of solar batteries. Famous for its unique three-junction thin-film photovoltaic panel technology, Sharp's parent company in Japan will adopt this technology in the manufacturing of new solar batteries in a few months.

Sharp's solar mobile phones launched this time adopt the thinnest solar thin-film battery module needing only 30 minutes of charging under direct sunlight for a few minutes of usage, and the company admits there is still room for improvement of its charging efficiency. In addition, the battery now can only be charged under sunlight and it is expected to have the ability to charge under indoor lighting in the future.

This new mobile phone product targets and is being marketed towards people who stay outdoors for a long time and those who have strong environmental awareness.


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