China Mobile's Beijing branch and the Beijing-based hypermarket retailer Wumart Stores have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for mobile phone payment services.

With the cooperation, China Mobile Beijing's users who have mobile phones with RFIDSIM cards will be able to pay the bills with their mobile phone in Wumart's over 300 retail sites in Beijing. They can also recharge their mobile phone payment accounts at the checkouts of these stores.

Apart from Wumart, China Mobile has also established mobile phone payment partnerships with about 600 retailers and tourism resorts in Beijing.

China Mobile Beijing's mobile phone users who want to upgrade their SIM cards into the new RFIDSIM cards can open the mobile phone payment service at the company's designated business halls. However, this new service is not available for all users and those who use the Easyown brand and numbers begin with 157 and 188 cannot access the service for the moment.

China Mobile previously launched the mobile phone payment service in Shanghai, enabling people to buy World Expo tickets and subway tickets with mobile phones.


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