Nokia and China Mobile have announced the launch of a joint mobile phone application store, MM-Ovi, marking a new start for two companies' cooperation in the mobile application sector.

This is also reportedly being marketed as the first joint-brand mobile application store in the world.

According to local Chinese media, MM-Ovi will integrate the contents and channel resources of the two companies. From now on, China Mobile's customized mobile phones made by Nokia will all pre-install the client software of MM-Ovi, allowing users to enter the mobile application store with one-touch operation to buy software. This move aims to promote the mobile phone software provided by both companies while simplifying the operation of users.

On the same day of the launch of the joint-brand mobile application store, Nokia unveiled its first TD-SCDMA mobile phone product 6788i which has the pre-installed MM-Ovi client.

MM, with the full name of Mobile Market, is the mobile phone application store launched by China Mobile in 2009, while Ovi is Nokia's software store brand. So far, application software downloaded from China Mobile's Mobile Market has reportedly happened four million times.


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