China's National Office Against Pornography and Illegal Publication, the General Administration of Press and Publication, the National Copyright Administration of China and China Central Television have jointly initiated the 2010 Green Bookmark intellectual property rights initiative in Beijing.

It is reported that the initiative will be carried out from April 12 to April 30, 2010, when green bookmarks will be sent to 100 selected publishing houses, 1,000 selected book stores, 100 selected websites, 100 selected primary and middle schools and 100 selected theaters across China.

As part of the initiatives, on April 22, a batch of illegal publications will be destroyed. On April 26, a themed program will be hosted by CCTV, focusing on the protection of intellectual property.

The Green Bookmark initiative will go along with the elimination of pornography and an illegal-publication campaign to create a good cultural market environment.

Statistics show that China confiscated a total of 56.844 million illegal publications in 2009. In the first four months of this 2010, over seven million illegal publications were confiscated.


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