According to reports in Taiwanese local media, China Unicom and Taiwan Mobile have jointly launched a roaming preferential policy to free travelers between the mainland and Taiwan from high roaming fees.

With the policy, Taiwanese mobile phone users who travel to the Chinese mainland cities only need to pay the mobile communications fee at the local mobile phone rates; and it is likewise for mainland people who travel to Taiwan.

Apart from the exemption of roaming fee, the two telecom operators have also reached an agreement to offer mobile Internet services to users from both sides of the strait at a 50% discount. With this policy, the average mobile Internet fee of Taiwan Mobile's users who roamed to the mainland is expected to be decreased from TWD800 (about CNY172) to TWD360 (about CNY77).

The discounted mobile Internet fee mainly aims to provide convenience to Taiwanese mobile phone users who come to visit the 2010 Shanghai World Expo site. In 2009, a total number of 4.48 million Taiwanese people visit the mainland and nearly one million people from the mainland travelled to Taiwan.

Following the cooperation with Taiwan Mobile, China Unicom plans to form similar partnerships with other Taiwanese operators, including Chunghwa Telecom, Far Eastone Telecommunications, and Vibo Telecom.


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