Guangdong Development Bank and China Unicom have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Guangzhou to improve the financial information service of the bank.

According to the agreement, China Unicom and Guangdong Development Bank will cooperate in the launch of one-stop information application services, including the establishment of a mobile phone group network, wireless POS, 3G mobile office, mobile payment, and banking industry applications, to improve the financial information experience of customers of Guangdong Development Bank.

In return, the bank will provide China Unicom with full financial services, including credit, cash management, bond underwriting, and an e-bank, to help the telecom operator play a more important role in the Chinese communication service sector.

In addition, the two parties will share customer resources, jointly promote e-bank services, conduct cross-marketing, and provide more value-added services to users of each other.

Dong Jianyue, chairman of Guangdong Development Bank, said that the cooperation will help them improve their communication network-based financial payment services and expand the innovative direction and application of their services in the communication and e-commerce sectors.


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