The world's leading wireless platforms and semiconductors developer ST-Ericsson has launched a new platform in China to enable makers to make multi-function mobile phones with high-speed Internet performance.

The platform, which is known as T6718, combines a TD-HSPA mobile broadband modem with a rich feature set, and it delivers a rich Internet experience, including fast browsing, streaming video, broadcast television, and other multimedia services on a touch-screen display.

This platform is reportedly the first commercial 65 nanometer-based TD-SCDMA platform on the market, allowing manufacturers to make low power consumption, low cost, and multi-function mobile broadband phones for the Chinese market. Boasting the mobile broadband data rates with downlink speed of 2.8 Mbps and uplink speed of 2.2 Mbps, ST-Ericsson's T6718 platform is expected to be used in commercial products from the third quarter of 2010.

Armand Guerin, general manager for the TD-SCDMA business department of ST-Ericsson, said that equipment makers are showing great interest in the innovative TD-SCDMA platform and the platform will help encourage the broader use of mobile Internet services in China. In addition, the T6718 platform is expected to enhance ST-Ericsson's leading position in the fast-growing wireless semiconductor market.


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