Chinese telecom operator China Unicom has launched a new international roaming customer service hotline for its users who travel overseas.

If China Unicom's mobile users cannot access the local networks normally or their mobile phones cannot be used normally when traveling to another country, they can dial China Unicom's new international roaming customer service hotlines opened in those countries, instead of dialing the former international roaming customer service hotline 18618610010, which may be out of service. The call will then be redirected to China Unicom's service seats in China.

What are the new hotline numbers? Users will receive an SMS when they land in foreign countries, and those text messages will display the particular numbers for those countries and regions.

Compared with the former 18618610010 hotline, the new international roaming customer service hotlines can be reached via the local fixed line or a local mobile phone in various countries where China Unicom has opened the roaming services. By the end of June 2010, China Unicom has launched this service in 37 countries, which are the most visited ones by Chinese travelers.

In addition, China Unicom will reportedly adjust its fees for international roaming services and roaming services launched in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. On the completion of the adjustment, the prices for the services are expected to be lowered.


  1. Hello
    From 9 months, i cannot use my mobile phone to call when i am located outside of CHina!.
    every month i tried to call you, but nobody is able to fix this issue.
    What do i need to do?


  2. Hi hello my number close please check this number 13025175770 this my business number all month I recharge please open my number roaming open I’m now in Bangladesh open flight I come China I’m all time stay in foshan nanhai please please open my number


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