The U.S. electronics products maker Apple has started the sales of its iPad tablet computers in Hong Kong.

According to Apple's Hong Kong official website, the new iPads launched in Hong Kong have Wi-Fi and 3G versions, and their capacities are 16G, 32G, and 64G, respectively. The retail price for a 16G Wi-Fi version iPad is HKD3,888, which is the cheapest; while the retail price for the most expensive 64G 3G version iPad is HKD6,488.

These iPads are currently not available for online sales and can be only accessed in 12 stores, including three Broadway electronics retail stores and two DG Lifestyle Stores.

Due to the supply shortage, the launch of iPad has been postponed in many markets. With the launch of this new product in Hong Kong, it is expected to attract Apple fans on the Chinese mainland to buy this product from Hong Kong.


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