Microsoft China and the Chinese technology company Hanvon have jointly announced that they will implement an in-depth cooperation in the tablet computer sector and will work together to develop new tablet computers for business use in China.

Li Xiang, general manager for the OEM business department of Microsoft China, told local media that Microsoft's strategic cooperation with Hanvon will not be limited to the operating system of tablet computers. They will also form an alliance in the interface and marketing sectors.

Zhang Xuejun, president of Hanvon, said that tablet computers are business tools rather than entertainment tools for Chinese users. Only tablet computers that use Microsoft's Windows operating system can meet the demands of the commercial group, he said.

Prior to this, the two parties cooperated in the design and development of Hanvon's TouchPad tablet computer product. They both said that they are optimistic about this strategic cooperation.

Hanvon earlier published its semi-annual financial report for 2010, stating that it achieved operating revenue of CNY674 million in the first half of 2010, an increase of 283%; and its net profit increased by 322% to CNY86.88 million.


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