Shanda Interactive Entertainment has decided the final retail price of CNY999 for its electronic reader product Bambook, and a new reservation system has been launched for the marketing of this new product.

Bambook will be officially launched on September 28, 2010, with an updated software version. Prior to this, the product was put into the market on July 29 for beta testing at the price of CNY998. A limited number of 3,500 sets were available at that time and only users who had the invitation code could apply to participate in the beta testing.

The Bambook electronic reader has 3G, Wi-Fi, and USB Internet access functions. Adopting the Android-based operating system, it is convenient for using many Internet applications. With the cloud-based content resources, it can also provide accumulated contents of over 60 billion Chinese characters, three million literary work, daily updates of 100 million characters, and 90% of the e-books can be downloaded for free.

Meanwhile, Shanda is now applying for over 30 patents related to Bambook, including product design, firmware update method, interaction function of books, unique charger, fast charging method for electronic devices, and the chip-based two-factor authentication.


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