According to related files provided by China Unicom Beijing branch, the company has completed the construction of 5,200 WCDMA macrocellular base stations and nearly 6,000 microcellular base stations in Beijing, boasting the largest WCDMA local network in the world by number and scale of base stations.

China Unicom Beijing's 3G signals have reportedly covered all major districts in the urban and suburban areas as well as main roads, scenic spots, campuses, development zones, and resorts in Beijing.

By the end of July 2010, China Unicom Beijing's WCDMA network has covered an area of 12,445 square kilometers. The coverage of effective area within the sixth ring road had reached 86.59% and the population coverage was about 92.40%.

WCDMA is one of the widest used 3G network in the world, with 264 networks constructed in over 200 countries. It provides services for 320 million users worldwide and its global market share is about 77%. At present, over 2,000 types of WCDMA mobile phones have been launched across the world.


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