Taiwanese PC maker Acer will launch its online application store in 2011.

Gianfranco Lanci, CEO of Acer, revealed to media that Acer's application store will support the full range of Acer products, including PCs, smartphones, and tablet computers. At the same time, its applications can be run on equipment using various operating systems, including Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, and the MeeGo system jointly developed by Intel and Nokia.

Lanci said compared with the application stores of Google and Apple, Acer's application store has many improvements. For example, it can recommend products to users based on their personal files and consumption records. He said that one problem in Apple and Google's application stores is that they offer thousands of applications, but they do not know which one the users really need.

Lanci believed that without the support of software, the hardware cannot develop. However, Acer's application store will not take making profit as its primary goal.

Though the current economic situation is relatively sluggish, Acer still has confidence in the development of PC market. The company predicted that its shipments of notebooks and netbooks in 2011 will increase by between 20% and 25%.



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