U.S. broadband service provider Novatel Wireless has sued its competitors Franklin Wireless and ZTE for infringing five patents related to its MiFi mobile hotspot equipment.

According to local media reports, Novatel Wireless' MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot equipment can access to the Internet via the cellular data network. The MiFi line creates a personal cloud of high-speed Internet connectivity that can be easily shared between multiple users and Wi-Fi devices such as laptops, cameras, gaming devices, and multimedia players. With the help of the equipment, people can connect their laptops to the Internet even in areas where there is no Wi-Fi coverage. The MiFi products are currently sold at 25 operators worldwide, including AT&T and Verizon.

Novatel Wireless claimed that the company invented the MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot and the product owns many international technology patents. However, ZTE also made some portable hotspot equipment that are allegedly infringing Novatel Wireless' patents. Therefore, Novatel Wireless filed a lawsuit against ZTE, ZTE (USA), and Franklin, the San Diego-headquartered wireless access equipment maker, for infringing five Novatel Wireless' patents related to key architecture and functionality of the MiFi family of Intelligent Mobile Hotspots.

So far, ZTE and Franklin have no comment on the lawsuit.

Novatel Wireless is a leader in the design and development of innovative wireless broadband access solutions based on 3G and 4G wireless technologies. Novatel Wireless' Intelligent Mobile Hotspot products, software, USB modems and embedded modules enable high-speed wireless Internet access on leading wireless data networks. The company delivers specialized wireless solutions to carriers, distributors, OEMs and vertical markets worldwide. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Novatel Wireless is listed on Nasdaq.


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