Days after news of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' hiatus, and a few weeks before the expected unveiling of a new iPhone, news from China has muddied Apple's waters.

The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs' Green Choice Alliance, a group of three dozen Chinese environmental groups, issued a notice called "The Other Side of Apple", in which it provided a video and report outlining pollution related to the production of many of Apple's gadgets.

The pollution report by the group places Apple at the bottom of a list of 29 technology manufacturers. Apple's suppliers are mentioned in the report also for having broken environmental regulations.

Samsung, Sony, and Siemens ranked among the top companies in the report for their respective responses to alleged environmental infractions.

The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs is a registered non-profit organization based in Beijing. Since its founding in May 2006, the IPE has developed two pollution databases to monitor corporate environmental performance and to facilitate public participation in environmental governance.


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