Chinese software company Kingsoft has decided to give Kingsoft Ciba, its Chinese-English translation software, a new logo to replace the one that has been using for the past 13 years.

With the launch of the new logo in the following week, the new version of Kingsoft Ciba will be enhanced with some new functions, and the product will have a new positioning as an educational community, said Kingsoft Ciba's newly appointed CEO Jia Lin on his microblog.

In October 2010, Kingsoft Ciba launched its 2010 Beta 3 version, which integrated various functions like instant messaging, personal space, email, virtual pet, mini news page, community, and portal website. This was reportedly the largest revolution in Kingsoft Ciba's history.

Jia said that Kingsoft Ciba's transformation last year was hard, but he would like to take the risk. He also revealed that the product will not be developed into a comprehensive entertainment community; instead its positioning is to become an educational community, aiming to improve the English ability of users.


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