Chinese Internet real estate information service provider has completed its first round of financing in which strategic investors led by invested combined capital of USD50 million into the website. representatives told local media that the company has made its plans for new investments. It will expand its second-hand housing service network from the current 20 cities to 50 cities in China. It will also invest in the new home and rental businesses to enhance its competitiveness in segment markets. In addition, the company will use the newly-gained capital to attract more talent, develop new products, implement marketing and expand promotions.

Founded in 2007, Anjuke Group has three real estate information service websites, including focusing on the second-hand housing market; focusing on the new house sector; and focusing on the house renting business. Prior to this, Anjuke gained total investments of USD22 million from Matrix Partners.


  1. we would like to advertise property for sale to Chinese investors, property locate Spain, UK USA Canada Cayman please provide more information

  2. I would like to offer property for sale to investors, 60 acres of vacant land with tentative maps for light industrial on 20 acres and the other 40 acres have potential for housing,or multifamily units priced at $800,000.USD Whats really attractive is that the property is in an enterprise zone and within 1/4 mile of new freeway off ramp.


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