Chinese Internet security provider Kingsoft Network and Wi-Fi service provider WiWide have announced that the two companies have formed a strategic partnership to provide cloud security Internet services to 6,000 business users across China.

The cooperation will make Kingsoft the first anti-virus company that offers its security services in business venues, and the project is expected to make Beijing the largest region with free-of-charge and secure Internet access in China.

According to reports in local media, many business and leisure venues in Beijing have adopted the Wi-Fi service with Kingsoft Duba cloud-security system, preventing them from viruses and malicious websites. A representative from Kingsoft Network said that the cooperation with WiWide will make Kingsoft the first Chinese anti-virus enterprise that applies its anti-virus functions in business venues.

Started in September 2007, WiWide provides Wi-Fi network services to business venues across China. Its products and services include Wi-Fi wireless network service solutions, Wi-Fi network equipment, installation and maintenance, and 24-hour phone support. Headquartered in Beijing, the company now has two major operating centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen, respectively. The company provides secure and stable Wi-Fi services to 200,000 users with over 6,000 hot spots.


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