An executive from Dell has revealed that its eye-catching 10-inch tablet computer Streak 10 Pro will be first launched in the Chinese market.

John Thode, Dell's manager for mobile business and vice president, told local media that the Android-based Streak 10 Pro will have its debut launch in China this summer, and consumers in America will have to wait until next year. He believes the American market cannot provide a possible growth environment for this new product of Dell.

Prior to this, Dell launched a small tablet Dell Streak 7 and a mixed device Inspiron Duo in the U.S.; however, it has not developed a powerful tablet computer product that can compete with Apple's iPad.

Amit Midha, chairman for Dell Greater China, said the Chinese market is very important for Dell. China has the largest scale and second highest growth speed among emerging markets and it is the second largest market following America, said Midha, so the shipment in China is expected to exceed America in the next few years.

Midha revealed that by the end of 2011, there will be 10,000 stores selling Dell products in China and its customer service center in the country will be increased to 2,000.

Dell Streak 10 is reportedly the company's third tablet computer product and its first 10-inch Android tablet.


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