Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE Corporation has announced that it will cooperate with mainstream telecom operators to create ten international innovation centers in Europe and America.

Meanwhile, the company plans to establish additional innovation centers in China via partnerships with the country's three major telecommunications operators China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom.

ZTE said that the ten international innovation centers will be comprised of location-specific cooperative operations, including laboratories and operations and testing centers. Their focus will be to produce innovative technologies, products and business operations models. The new ideas and products produced will be applied to ZTE and its partners' market and research and development strategies. In addition, ZTE recognizes the importance of what it calls "continuous customized innovation". Accordingly, the innovation centers will aim to better understand the needs of major telecommunications operators by creating long-term, stable, and effective communication channels with other global providers.

Xie Daxiong, executive vice president of ZTE, said that they seek to introduce new products that are capable of changing the landscape of the current telecommunications market. At ZTE, they are undergoing a change that will elevate them from "following innovation" to "DRA innovation", which means they will turn user demand into a requirement for R&D personnel, allowing them to more effectively design architecture.

The new innovation centers are not ZTE's first efforts in collaborative research. In early July, ZTE signed a memorandum of understanding with Technical University Dresden with the purpose of opening a research and development center in Germany. In China, ZTE has established collaborative research institutes with four research institutes and 19 universities, including Peking University and Tsinghua University.


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