The Chinese electronics and information industry group Hisense has announced in Beijing that following the start of its strategic transformation to the intelligent product sector, the company has launched its first personal intelligent TV product named I-TV in China.

The product will be officially put into the market on September 26, 2011 and the price has not yet been decided.

According to Hisense, unlike the currently popular tablet computer, I'TV is firstly a television. It can also be recognized as a tablet computer with a TV chip.

As an intelligent TV, I-TV features Hisense's hardware device to receive cable TV signal and then transmit it to other screens like smartphone. Meanwhile, I-TV can search videos on the Internet and transmit them to the TV screen in the drawing room.

As a tablet computer, I-TV can realize functions such as reading, picture sharing, mobile office, gaming, and Internet surfing. So far, I-TV has over 4,000 applications and the number will soon reach 10,000.

Zhou Houjian, chairman of Hisense Group, said that I-TV is the result of coordination by many companies under the group. It is the first intelligent product after the start of the group's new strategy and he hopes the product can become a new opportunity of the entire color TV industry in China.

In May 2011, Hisense launched its "intelligentization strategy" and announced its fully entry into the intelligent industry to establish an intelligent multimedia ecological chain. To promote the smooth implementation of the new strategy, Hisense set up a new intelligent industry promotion department, which is led by Wang Zhihao, vice president of Hisense Group.


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