China Telecom and France Telecom-Orange have signed in Beijing a strategic partnership framework agreement which aims to improve the two parties' service capacity in the global market.

With the signing of the agreement, China Telecom and France Telecom-Orange will both play their advantages in the network and service sectors to further improve China Telecom's influence in China and Asia Pacific while improving France Telecom-Orange's influence in Europe and Africa, so as to enhance their service capacity in the global customer market.

Under the framework agreement, the cooperating contents will include to improve Orange's service support in China and to improve China Telecom's access in Europe. Meanwhile, the two parties will cooperate in access services for international cable network and providing Wi-Fi international roaming services to their customers.

For details, Orange has agreed to establish IPVPN access for China Telecom in Europe to help it provide IPVPN services to the European branches of Chinese multinational enterprises. China Telecom has agreed to improve the local resources for Orange as well as providing outsourcing and on-site services to Orange's multinational enterprise clients in China and Asia Pacific. The two parties will provide mutual supports in international network planning and implementation.

They will work together for submarine and terrestrial cable network construction among Asia, Asia Pacific, and Europe, and they will enhance the network access to the African areas. Moreover, Orange will provide China Telecom's customers with Wi-Fi roaming services in Europe; while China Telecom will provide Orange's customer with the same kind of services in China.


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