Isaiah Cheung, vice president for HP Worldwide and general manager for HP Personal Systems Group in China, will reportedly soon leave the company and join Microsoft China.

According to reports in Chinese local media, HP China's spokesperson has confirmed the news and said HP has implemented internal communications concerning the resignation of Cheung and the company has made a plan for the transitional period. Before deciding the final replacement for Cheung, Luciana Broggi, vice president for HP PSG Asia Pacific and Japan Channel Sales Organization, will temporarily act the role of general manager of HP PSG China.

HP did not mention Cheung's new career plan after leaving the company. However, an insider revealed that he will join Microsoft China to command the mobile phone, computer OEM, and terminal channel businesses.

Cheung graduated from the Queen's University in Canada with a bachelor degree in computer engineering. He joined HP in 1995 and held several managing positions in Asia Pacific. Cheung was appointed general manager for the mobile product department of HP PSG China in 2003 and he was promoted to general manager for small- and medium-sized enterprise business department and channel cooperation business department of HP China in 2006. He was appointed general manager for HP PSG China in November 2007 and has become one of the three major leaders in HP China since then.


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