Li Wang, executive vice president of the Chinese mobile phone brand Coolpad, revealed that the company plans to completely stop manufacturing mobile phones and non-smartphone devices in 2012.

Instead, the company will try to focus only on smartphone manufacturing. Li told local media that Coolpad's mobile device shipments in the entire year of 2011 is expected to reach over 12 million units, of which over 60% are smartphones.

Prior to this, Coolpad published a new terminal development plan, under which the company said it will only launch new products targeting the 3G market and no more 2G products will be launched. In addition, its new products will mainly be 3G smartphones. Based on the new development plan, Coolpad has allocated most of its resources to the 3G business, especially for the development and marketing of 3G smartphones.

At present, most of Coolpad's 3G mobile phones are Android-based smartphones. For the entire year of 2011, the company will reportedly launch about 30 types of 3G smartphones, covering medium- and high-end as well as low-end users.

Li said, Coolpad's EVDO and WCDMA product lines have realized production of smartphones alone, but there are still non-smartphones in the TD-SCDMA product line. However, the company will fully stop the manufacturing of non-smartphones by 2012.

Coolpad's current business focus in reportedly on the domestic Chinese market and the first- and second-tier cities are its key markets. With its gradual penetration into the third- and fourth-tier cities, Coolpad will adjust its sales and marketing strategy accordingly, said Li. Apart from the domestic market, the company will continue to expand into overseas markets. Following its entry into India and Indonesia, the company has started developing the North American and European markets.


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