With a total investment of CNY4 billion, China Mobile's new call center in Luoyang, Henan province, has been formally launched.

The new call center is reportedly the largest of its kind in the world. It marks China Mobile's new move to realize integrated management of call centers, which were divided by administrative regions in the past.

China Mobile's new call center in Luoyang covers an area of about 1,066 mu and can accommodate 20,000 seats. The construction of the project is initially divided into two stages, and on its full completion, it can offer 60,000 jobs and will serve the entire country.

According to a representative from China Mobile, the new call center can operate various businesses, including the services of China Mobile's 10086 hotline, foreign languages services, credit exchange service, and other newly-developed businesses. In addition, the Luoyang call center will not only be responsible for the call center services of China Mobile, but also can provide contracted call center and direct marketing services to other enterprises to help them communicate with customers.


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