Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has announced plans to invest CNY200 million to strengthen its after-sales system, covering logistics, storage, and maintenance sectors.

Official statistics provided by the company showed that since its formal launch in autumn 2011, the sales of Xiaomi smartphones has reached over one million units. Its latest China Telecom customized version also received an order of 150,000 units. While the sales volume continues to increase, the concern about the after-sales support of this new product has begun to emerge.

Xiaomi therefore announced that it will invest CNY200 million this year to establish its after-sales system, which involves improvements in logistics, storage, and maintenance. Prior to this, Xiaomi already set three major goals for 2012, including the improvement of after-sales quality; the development of the second-generation product; and the process management of its business.

By the end of February 2012, Xiaomi's maintenance sites had covered 163 cities in 26 provinces in China. These 233 maintenance sites provide product testing and maintenance services to users.

For customer service, Xiaomi's hotline currently only provides after-sales services and solutions to users who have booked or purchased the smartphones. Its customer service team now has nearly 200 employees, and the number will increase to 400 during the first quarter of 2012. Meanwhile, Xiaomi said it will accelerate its building of pre-sales service and customer service via microblogs.


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