China Telecom will soon launch a new brand named "Flying Young" that will target Chinese youth for a new mobile lifestyle.

The preparation for the promotion of this new brand is ready, and a nationwide promotion campaign will formally start from March 2012. The related advertising will appear on various media, including TV, outdoor channel, and magazines this month. Meanwhile, offline promotional activities will be held in cooperation with colleges and universities.

While launching this new Flying Young brand, China Telecom will formally start the sales of the CDMA version of the iPhone 4S this month. By providing the cheapest monthly package of CNY49, the Chinese telecom operator makes iPhone 4S experience more palatable to more users.

Targeting young users, another major Chinese telecom operator China Mobile has launched its M-Zone brand a long time ago. With the joining of China Telecom, this market segment will become a new battlefield for Chinese operators.


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