The Chinese subsidiary of the Japanese social networking game platform operator DeNA has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Unicom's Wostore, and the two parties will jointly establish a Mobage games special zone for smartphones.

With the cooperation, DeNA China will open a Mobage special zone on the PC, WAP and smartphone clients of China Unicom Wostore, providing various social networking and casual games, as well as customized avatars and backgrounds for users of the China Unicom Wostore. Meanwhile, these users can directly login to Mobage to enjoy their gaming experiences.

In addition, DeNA plans to adopt China Unicom's multi-mode billing system in the future, which will enable it to directly promote its mobile games to users of the China Unicom Wostore.

Mobage is the mobile game social networking platform owned by DeNA and it currently has over 35 million users in Japan. It started official operation in China from July 2011 and it has launched nearly 30 products for Android and iOS systems.


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