Cloudary, the Internet literature platform of China's Shanda, has formed a partnership with Microsoft and Nokia to provide technical and device support to Cloudary.

Liu Qiang, vice president of Shanda Literature, told local media that the three parties will work together to launch Cloudary applications for Windows Phone, which will enhance Shanda Literature's mobile Internet strategy and promote the company's expansion of content channel and reader groups.

According to the agreement signed by the three parties, the Cloudary application for Windows Phone developed by Shanda Literature has recently gained the approval of Microsoft and has been put into the application markets of Microsoft and Nokia. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Nokia agreed to recommend the Cloudary application to users. Shanda Literature also announced that it will invest about CNY1 million to recruit 100 book reviewers.

So far, Cloudary has been launched on the Windows Phone 7 platform, boasting the integration of contents from Shanda Literature's websites and 330 third-party partners across China. Statistics show that by the first quarter of 2012, Cloudary's third-party partners had been over 330 and the company signed with nearly 85,000 third-party works. By May 12, 2012, Cloudary's mobile client had been installed by over 5.5 million users.


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