H. Brothers Media has concluded a video business cooperation with E-Surfing Video Media Company, a video business operating platform under China Telecom Group.

The two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which said H. Brothers Media and E-Surfing Video Media will jointly establish a micro-film and micro-TV series channel on E-Surfing Video Media's mobile platform and PC business platform. This channel will be exclusively operated by H. Brothers Media, which will be responsible for integrating related resources across China and providing marketing planning support to the contents.

Meanwhile, the two parties will set up a special team for the business cooperation issues and daily operation and maintenance of this channel.

H. Brothers Media will, as the core content provider of E-Surfing Video Media, will select legally authorized contents and offer the information network transmission rights to E-Surfing Video Media's business platform, allowing its users to pay to view the contents. The cooperation period of the two parties is five years.

H. Brothers Media said that the cooperation is an important milestone for the company in the new media sector. It will help the company improve copyright value, better serve mobile users, and further optimize its industrial distribution in China.


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