and HTC have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Taiwan, stating that the two parties will work together on product account systems, mobile payment systems, and customized devices.

Under the agreement, and HTC will establish a unified user authentication system. Based on this system, users will be able to use various services of both companies. Meanwhile, depending on Sina's Weibo microblog social relationships map and HTC's smartphone terminal services, the two parties will begin deep integration of social relationship networks, mobile contacts, data communications, and location-based services.

With HTC's advantages in generation and editing and Sina's convenient sharing function, camera applications will become a focus of their future cooperation, including the generation, storage, editing, and sharing of photos and videos online. In addition, the two parties will realize media integration, covering the discovery and sharing of videos and music. Based on this content integration, and HTC will provide users with complete cloud service solutions, including contacts backup, backup and sharing of files, photos and videos.

On the commercial level, and HTC will integrate various online and offline payment solutions in the future to provide a more complete mobile payment system to their users. At the same time, the two parties will implement cooperation in HTC's application software store in mainland China.

According to the two parties, during their five-year cooperation period, they will launch customized products representing Sina's flagship services and HTC's high-end orientation.


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