HP's software business group announced cooperation with the municipal government of Neijiang, Sichuan province, to build an information technology software talent training base in the city.

The new base aims to provide practical software training, IT outsourcing services, and IT resource services to promote the information development of China's southwestern areas and to stimulate the sustainable development of the regional economy.

The IT software talent base is divided into three centers. The software talent training center will provide HP's professional training to up to 5,000 university graduates each year. The training content covers IT operations monitoring and analysis, software management, software automation, application testing, and cloud service management.

The software testing outsourcing service center will provide professional and effective application testing services to enterprises in the southwestern areas in China. The IT resource service center will provide cloud-based hardware and software services, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, to help local government improve operation and maintenance efficiency while improving IT flexibility of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The Chinese economy is currently undergoing a transitional period and the development of information and software industries have become the focuses for the strategic development of the country. As an engine area for the western development of China, Sichuan is actively promoting the upgrade of its information and software industries, reserving high-end software talents, and improving IT service level, so as to create a good business environment and attract investments.

Focused on HP's leading technologies, best practices and integrated cloud strategy, the new IT software talent base is committed to delivering qualified software talents, quality software testing outsourcing services, and IT resource services to various enterprises, helping them improve IT infrastructure capacities.


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