Oracle Greater China recently experienced personnel changes and Casey Poon, former senior vice president for Oracle Asia Pacific consulting services, has apparently replaced Edwin Lo to be new group senior vice president and managing director for Oracle Greater China.

According to information from an insider quoted in local media, Lo's departure was due to retirement, not resignation. Oracle reportedly announced the news via internal channels.

Prior to Lo's retirement, he accompanied Oracle's president Mark Hurd during his visit to China. Hurd told Chinese local media that the Chinese market is very attractive to Oracle and the company plans to increase investment in this marketplace. Hurd revealed that Oracle will hold the Open World event in Shanghai in July 2013 and he promised to invest more in technology and development targeting the financial industry of Shanghai.

In addition, Oracle announced a China growth project, which aims to add new Chinese branches in 2012. Under this new project, Oracle's business branches are expected to cover nearly all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China.

Oracle entered the Chinese market in 1989 by establishing an office in Beijing. So far, Oracle China has 25,000 clients, 4,500 employees, and four research and development centers.


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