Neusoft Xikang Healthcare Technology Company Ltd has reportedly formed a strategic partnership with Japan's Alps Electric Company Ltd. to establish a joint venture named Shenyang Xikang Alps Technologies Company Ltd. in Shenyang, provincial capital of Liaoning province.

No financial details were disclosed related to this deal.

With the new JV, Neusoft Xikang and Alps Electric will implement full cooperation in technology, manufacturing, and management, to effectively integrate Neusoft Xikang's resources and practice experience in the health industry with Alps Electric's strong electronic product development and design capabilities. The two parties will be committed to the construction of a worldwide health industry network.

Shenyang Xikang Alps Technologies will apply the localized development and manufacturing in China to provide high-performance, advanced, and smart physiological information collecting sensor and related electronic products. It will establish a physiological information collecting sensor product research and development center targeting the global market, and it will largely improve the competitiveness of health management sensor product.

Meanwhile, depending on the health management and service platform of Neusoft Xikang, the new JV will realize dynamic collection, system tracking, and comprehensive intervention and management of personal health information to effectively prevent sub-health and chronic diseases, so as to improve the health level and life quality of consumers.

Lu Zhaoxia, chairman and chief executive officer of Neusoft Xikang, said that with the in-depth cooperation with Alps Electric, Neusoft Xikang will be able to enhance its research and development of health management products, improve its core competitiveness, and provide consumers with more valuable products and services.

As one of the largest electronic devices manufacturers in Japan, Alps Electric is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of home appliances and mobile communication devices. It serves more than 2,000 customers in home appliances, mobile device, automobile, and industrial equipment industries around the world.


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