Microsoft's tablet product Surface is expected to be launched in the Chinese market this month, and Suning may become the exclusive retail sales channel for this new product.

Microsoft China and Suning are reportedly discussing related issues and the two parties will soon sign an agreement with Sina's technology channel, which will be the media source of the official promotional video of Surface.

However, neither Suning nor Microsoft China gave any comment on the news.

In June 2012, Microsoft officially launched the Surface tablet in Los Angeles, tapping this emerging vertical sector which is controlled by Apple's iPad. Microsoft's spokesperson previously confirmed that the company will formally launch its new Window 8 operating system on October 26, 2012, and Surface will be formally put into market on the same day.

So far, Microsoft has not yet disclosed the retail price of the new product in China. However, Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft, said during an interview that Surface will be a very competitive product by function, and the effective price range will be between USD300 and USD800.


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