Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. has reportedly closed its official websites in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Motorola Mobility currently only maintains websites in four countries and regions in Asia Pacific region, including Australia, mainland China, Japan, and South Korea, according to reports in Chinese local media. While former websites in New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have already been closed.

This is apparently part of the company's global layoff and adjustment plan announced in mid August this year. According to the plan, Motorola Mobility will cut about 4,000 employees around the world and shut one-third of its operating organizations. However, their sold products will still enjoy the same after-sales services. In addition, China is still one of the most important markets of Motorola and one of the company's three research and development centers maintained is located in Beijing.

In August 2012, Google announced after its acquisition of Motorola Mobility that 4,000 of Motorola Mobility's employees would be fired and one-third of its 90 organizations around the world would be closed.

Google's financial report for the third quarter showed that its net profit decreased by 20% year-on-year to USD2.18 billion, which was mainly attributed to Motorola Mobility's operating losses of USD527 million.


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