Chinese search engine company Baidu Inc. has formally launched its customized cloud solution for terminal manufacturers.

As part of this initiative, Baidu is working with Korean consumer electronics maker Samsung, and they will start their cooperation on Samsung's Galaxy Note II. Baidu will provide various cloud services, including cloud storage, cloud collaboration, cloud sharing, and cloud customizing, to Galaxy Note II. The Chinese company will provide Samsung's users with large and expandable cloud storage services as well as personal cloud data processing functions, covering video, music picture, and text.

With the new services, when users are watching videos, Baidu will automatically provide the appropriate resolution based on the differences among devices. It will also provide a streaming media application programming interface, allowing users to watch online videos.

Li Yuanming, general manager for Baidu's mobile and cloud business unit, said that Baidu's cloud services integrate many resources in the industry chain which can promote the company's transformation from product to platform while accelerating the development of a cloud-based industry chain.

Baidu opened its personal cloud services on July 30, 2012.


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