Chinese telecom operator China Mobile held a global developer conference in Guangzhou, and Li Yue, chief executive officer of China Mobile, revealed during the conference that the company plans to launch its own-brand devices and accessories.

Li said that China Mobile's own-brand devices will not lead to competition with the mobile industry. He said they will continue to enhance customized products cooperation with all device makers while establishing their own mobile phone brand. However this could pose a huge threat for upstarts like Chinese phone maker Xiaomi because the Chinese telecom cpmpanies have a history of squashing competition: in recent years the Chinese telecom giants have ended the rival wireless value-added service businesses of companies like Kongzhong, Linktone, and Hurray.

During the conference, Li also commented on the company's device development issues and their cooperation with Apple. He said the company is still talking with Apple and the technical problems are not a major issue. The two parties are trying to reach an agreement on the terms of cooperation and business model. However, with the continuous communication, they are optimistic about the cooperation in the future.

Meanwhile, China Mobile announced that it will team with Nokia to launch the world's first Windows Phone 8 product, Lumia 920.

Statistics showed that by October 2012, the sales of mobile phones using China Mobile's TD-SCDMA 3G network reached 41.59 million units, and the annual sales are expected to reach 55 million units.


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