Qihoo 360's search engine product has added a new Wikipedia-like encyclopedia service, which is reportedly undergoing internal testing and will be launched to the public soon.

At present, the new service Baike.so.com is not displayed on the front page of the search engine. In addition, the editing function is currently not available to ordinary users and it is fully maintained by the team at Qihoo 360.

Qihoo 360's encyclopedia service cooperates with many third-party content providers, including Sina's real estate channel; information technology website Zol.com.cn; tourism content provider Mafengwo.cn; and medical information website 39.net.

This new encyclopedia service seems to solve three problems in China. First, Wikipedia is sometimes blocked to Chinese users, so this new China-friendly resource will ostensibly not be blocked. Second, Chinese users have complained in the past that Wikipedia's non-Chinese editors often seem racist, ignorant, or expurgationists of Chinese culture as they have rejected or omitted important personalities, events, and situations from their non-Chinese language Wikipedia pages. Finally, by relying on third-party professional data providers, the content hopefully will be more accurate — albeit still censored — than some of the spurious information found often on Wikipedia.

Qihoo 360 launched photo, software and application search services at the end of December 2012, and a large part of the contents is provided by third parties.

Qihoo 360's comprehensive search service was launched on August 16, 2012. It currently provides searches of web pages, news, Q&A, music, maps, videos, photos, software, and mobile applications.


  1. How is this different from Hudong or Baidu Baike? How is it Wikipedia-like if the only people who can edit it are Qihoo staffers? Copying Wikipedia and infusing it with advertising seems to pass for a successful business model in China these days. The "third-party content contributors" will just use the site to hawk their wares. Unlike Wikipedia, Qihoo will never have unbiased entries on Tianamen Square or Falun Gong.

  2. @Hexie (aka River Crab) you're right I doubt anything will become either as democratic as Wikipedia, as tyrannical as Wikipedia, or as commun(ist)al as Wikipedia ;)

  3. this is china propaganda since they never like the freedom of the west's wikipedia or other information resources to show the chinese the real world. one day chinese people will see the real world and hate their goivernemnt for lying for so many years. xi jinping's daughter goes to school at harvard and she surely must be frustrated how her daddy runs his country since she has all the joys and bonuses of living in a free country. she can view the real info on the cultural revolution and see the real irony in the corruption of the chinese elite. so when china tries its own wikipedia COPY they are really proving that the highest form of flattery is imitation

  4. Baidu beat them on this service by many months. Baidu censors the search engine very much too so they can not be trusted but they did come first

  5. I dare you to prove that Wikipedia is racist towards Chinese and what the hell is an expurgationist anyway???!

    Just … more … pro-China … propaganda!!! I dare you not to censor my response too!!!

  6. Facts are Facts for Wikipedia

    FACT: Wikipedia is not owned by any sort of govt.
    FACT: Wikipedia is a great experiment in democracy online.
    FACT: China censors its media and starves its people of FACTS.
    FACT: Chinese web co's and their CEOs are complicit, liable, and responsible for harming Chinese people by following the harsh rules in Communist China.
    FACT: China jails journalists who report the FACTS.

  7. Baidu is criminal enterprise that blocks and censors information against human rights of Chinese. All investors and workers at Baidu are NAZI soldiers who care nothing about freedom for Chinese people and human rights of the Chinese people.


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