Cai Mengbo, marketing vice president of Huawei wireless network, revealed to Chinese local media that Huawei's wireless network business may not see growth in the American market in 2013.

However, Cai said in other marketplaces, Huawei's wireless network business will continue to increase. In China, the company will seek business opportunities since the mobile network is upgrading from 3G to 4G in the country; while in Europe, the customer demand is still strong.

The major reason for Huawei's stagnancy in America is because of the American government's concern for security. In spite of the impact, Cai predicted that Huawei's wireless network business will achieve an overall increase of at least 10%; while the number was 11% in 2012.

In 2011, Huawei's wireless network business gained operating revenue of CNY45.91 billion, accounting for 23% of the total operating revenue of the company. Huawei will announce its annual results for 2012 later this month.

Cai said though the world's economy is still in a downturn, Huawei is confident in achieving revenue growth. In 2012, Huawei's revenue from he LTE network reached USD1 billion and the company aims at USD2 billion in 2013.

Headquartered in China, Huawei's wireless network business department gained about 70% of its operating revenue from overseas markets, including Western Europe and Asian emerging markets.


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