China Mobile will reportedly launch this year's first 4G terminal tender bidding process in late April, aiming to buy 160,000 devices.

Previously disclosed information showed that China Mobile planned to buy 1.24 million TD-LTE 4G terminals in 2013, of which 90% would be MIFI and CPE devices and 10% would be data cards. The company said at that time that due to the immaturity of the technology, TD-LTE mobile phones would not be included in its purchase plan for 2013.

The 4G terminal tender, which is expected to be launched in late April 2013, will cover 160,000 TD-LTE data terminals, including about 30,000 MIFI devices and about 100,000 CPE terminals. At the same time, the company will buy about 10,000 TD-LTE mobile phones, which means they are looking forward to purchasing qualified TD-LTE mobile phones.

The development of TD-LTE terminals is currently limited by chips. At present, overseas manufacturers like Qualcomm are able to provide chips for TD-LTE terminals; while Chinese manufacturers include Datang's Leadcore Technology, Huawei's HiSilicon Technologies, and LightSurfing.

During China Mobile's corporate results presentation in March 2013, Xue Taohai, vice president of China Mobile, said that in 2012 China Mobile's mobile phone subsidy goal was CNY26 billion and the actual use was CNY23.8 billion. For 2013, the company's subsidy goal was CNY27 billion. A part of the increased subsidy will be allocated to TD-LTE terminals.


  1. Great we would like to see TD-LTE take off, with China leading the adoption. I can see the demand for a good value CPE to cater for this.


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