Gustavo Eichelmann, general manager for Nokia China, will depart the company, and Erik Bertman will be the new general manager from June 1, 2013.

According to comments made by an unnamed representative from Nokia China to local Chinese media, Eichelmann will return to Britain with his family in July for personal reasons.

Bertman is a senior executive in Nokia and he is currently the leader of Nokia's Russia region, covering Russia, Ukraine, and CIS countries. Nokia said Bertman and his family will soon move to Beijing.

This is reportedly the fifth head change in Nokia China over the past four years. At the beginning of 2010, Colin Giles, former president of Nokia China, was promoted as Nokia's global senior vice president. After that, the leadership of Nokia China has been changing frequently. Following the separating of businesses between Deng Yuanjun and Liang Yumei, Deng hopped to AMD at the end of 2010 and Liang became the actual leader of Nokia China. In June 2011, Liang departed Nokia and the businesses of Nokia China were taken over by Giles again. In January 2012, Eichelmann was appointed new head of Nokia China.

In addition, in May 2012, Giles left Nokia; while in January 2013, Deng returned to Nokia as Chinese managing director for Nokia Growth Partners.

Nokia's financial report for the first quarter of 2013 revealed that the company only sold 3.4 million devices in Greater China during the reporting period, a year-on-year decrease of 63%, and its revenue in this region decreased by 56%.


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