Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC published its latest performance report, stating that the company saw net losses in the third financial quarter of 2013.

This is the company's first net loss since 2002.

During the third financial quarter of 2013, HTC made net losses of NTD2.97 billion, which was about CNY630 million. By September 30, the company's operating losses were NTD3.5 billion and its operating revenue was NTD47.05 billion.

This means HTC's attempt to recover its brand position by launching the high-end product HTC One did not improve its sales.

Prior to this, HTC said that it expected losses in the third financial quarter, due to the manufacturing and marketing costs increase and poor sales of the HTC One.

According to sales statistics from ABI Research, HTC did not make it to the world's top ten smartphone makers in the second quarter of 2013, and the company's share price declined to a low point in the recent eight years.


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