Is the world ready for a data center operating system built in China?

China's Inspur Group should be hoping worries of Chinese government interference and online privacy concerns don't impact its newly upgraded cloud data center operating system named Yunhai OS V3.0, which can control and power large groups of cloud-focused servers. The new operating system helps users transform an isolated and inefficient traditional data center into an intelligent and efficient cloud data center.

Yunhai OS V3.0 is integrated data center resource management platform software and it has become mature and complete after three technical upgrades. This product iteration includes two major modules: a cloud platform and a virtualization breakthrough which can fully monitor and manage servers, storage, network devices, virtual machines, operating systems, and applications.

In addition, Yunhai OS V3.0 features better scalability and availability, and its overall availability is reportedly over 99.99%. It can support online expansion of hardware and can manage over 5,000 servers at the same time.

Yunhai OS V3.0 adopts an open and standard structure, which is compatible with virtual technologies of mainstream manufacturers such as Vmware, Xensource, and Citrix. Meanwhile, Inspur specially designed a set of open API interface, allowing its cooperating partners to develop related software products.

Wang Endong, senior vice president of Inspur Group, said Yunhai OS V3.0 will continue the open and technology integration strategy within the company.


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