Chinese telecom device maker Huawei confirmed that the company will launch its game console product with the unique name of Tron in China in the second quarter of 2014.

According to a spokesperson from Huawei, the price of Tron will be no more than USD200, which is about CNY1,200, and the price will vary based on the device's storage space.

Huawei said Tron will first be limited to the Chinese market. However, it is yet to be decided if this product will be available in the overseas market in the future.

For supported games, Huawei revealed that the company is cooperating with top game developers in China, as well as those in America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. Though running on the Android operating system, Tron does not support Android games. Instead, it mainly supports PS3 games. At present, Tron has 12 games.

Apart from providing gaming services, Tron can reportedly offer 4K HD video service if users have 4K television devices.


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