China Mobile and South Korea's KT formally announced the launch of 4G international roaming services covering data roaming and voice roaming.

The international data roaming service can provide 4G high-speed data experience to users of both parties when they visit each other's country. The international voice roaming service currently adopts the mainstream CSFB technology and the VoLTE voice solution, which enable clear and high-quality voice communication service.

At present, China Mobile has 16 modes of commercial mobile phones that can support roaming to KT's network. With the official opening of the 4G international roaming of China Mobile and KT, there will be more such mobile phones available.

During the Chinese New Year holiday in February, China Mobile launched its LTE international roaming services in Hong Kong. Following this move, the company will cooperate with carriers in Singapore and Japan to enlarge the range of the services, aiming to provide the related services with all countries and regions that have 4G commercial services.


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