China Mobile has released a list of its virtual operator partners, which includes 17 companies, and the company has signed a mobile communications resale business cooperation supplemental agreement with those partners.

Since the start of its mobile communications resale business trial, China Mobile established a standard partner introduction process and selected the first batch of 17 companies to implement the cooperation.

The 17 virtual operator partners of China Mobile are, China Telling, Suning Commerce Group, Shenzhen Aisidi, Gome, D.Phone, Beijing Huaxiang Telecom, Xiamen,, Beijing SoShare, Beijing 21Vianet, Shenzhen SeeCom, Yinsheng E-pay Company, Beijing Bewinner Communications, Guiyang Long Master, China PTAC E-commerce Technology Company, and Dr. Peng Group.

Prior to this announcement, China Mobile signed a preliminary mobile communications resale business cooperation agreement with the 17 companies on April 1, 2014. But now they signed a related supplemental agreement, marking the final agreement for resale prices, cooperating zones, and safeguard clauses. In addition, China Mobile will soon provide a mobile communications resale business specification book to its partners to list details about the actual operating procedures.


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